Bear Trail
Bear Trail
Bear Trail

"If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise"

Walk past the playground and join our brand-new Bear Trail
Follow the footprints for an adventure to find our friends of the forest but will you find Brychan the Bear?
On the way to find the bear, there will be tasks that you will need to do, can you copy what the animal friends do?
Plenty of play on the way to finding Brychan the Bear!

Nature trails and walks

Pembrey Country Park has 500 acres of park and woodland to explore and within this space we have 3 trails that have been marked out that will allow you to explore and learn about our woodland, ponds and plants.

Join in on one of the walks and follow the signs to guide you around safely. See and learn new things within the park.

Historic Augmented Reality Trail

Have you given our Historic Augmented Reality trail a go yet?
If you haven’t tried it yet, download the App on ‘App Store’ for I phones or ‘Google Store’ for android or search ‘Pembrey Historical Trail’ and enjoy learning about what went on in the park during WW1 & WW2
Find the start just along from the Visitor Centre
Unfortunately we are aware that some Android phones do not work, but don't let that stop you enjoying the history of the trail. You can download the trail narrative here

Flower Walk

In earlier centuries it was for the usefulness of flowers more than their beauty that people went out into the fields and woods to look for them, as most medicines were made from plants. Wild flowers’ leaves and roots provided a natural food supply; petals and fruits were crushed to make dyes; and many plants were thought to give protection against all manner of evil in a superstitious age.

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Woodland Walk

The woodland of the Country Park is one of the main “all year round” attractions offering opportunities for walking, cycling, orienteering, picnicking etc. Carmarthenshire County Council who manage the park, also place great importance on the amenity and conservation value of the woodland.

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Pond Walk

Freshwater is important for all aspects of wildlife. The networks of ponds in Pembrey Country Park have been extended in 2014-15 working with Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.

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Providing an ideal place to learn the skills of using a map and a compass. The course caters for all ranges of abilities. The Orienteering course offers beautiful landscapes, history and wildlife and a wide range of facilities. It establishes complementary legendary themes, blending culture, nature and adventure and are designed for both novices and experienced orienteers

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