Litter, Litter, Everywhere

25 Sep, 2018

By Paul Aubrey, Pembrey Country Park, Team Member.

This morning I joined in with a beach litter pick, organised by the local Wildlife Litter Pickers group aided by employees of both Carmarthenshire County Council and Natural Resources Wales, on a little visited stretch of Cefn Sidan.

I say little visited because we were on the Pembrey Sands Air Weapons Range which is off limits to the public Monday - Friday when it is being used for bombing and gunnery practise.

The recent storms seem to have left most of the rubbish covered by sand but there was enough for the 25 strong band of litter pickers to do. 

Most of the "litter" was in fact discarded fishing net and rope although hard plastics and plastic bottles filled quite a few of the recycling bags amongst the  bags of landfill.

With most of the ribbish moved off the beach, even this end of season photo shows a lot of fishing debris


There has been a concerted effort around the coast of Wales in the past week to clean up our beautiful beaches, we along the Carmarthen Bay coast have played our part with an effort last Friday at Pembrey Country Park, in less than ideal conditions, and another event planned there for Sunday 30th September.

It is worth remembering that the beaches along Carmarthen Bay, and more relevantly Cefn Sidan are "natural" beaches, not manicured beaches as found in some coastal resorts; as such natural and to some extent manmade marine litter plays an important role in the ecology of the beach and, where they occur, the sand dune systems.

Removing the large amounts of unsightly plastic bottles, plastic bags, fishing netting, oil drums and general litter can leave an aesthetically pleasing beach, leaving driftwood, and strategically placed items like old car tyres and fishing crates provides a home for many creatures, including some very rare or uncommon insects, as well as giving some stability to the drifting sand which allows the dunes to start to form (something that the Pembrey dunes are recognised for)

Please help to keep the beaches tidy by taking part in a two minute litter pick next time you visit, just remember leave your filled bags next to a recognised bin so that we can remove them safely.